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As the number of messages in Echomail grew over time, it became very difficult for users to keep up with the volume while logged into their local BBS.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Points were introduced to address this, allowing technically savvy users to receive the already compressed and batched Echomail (and Netmail) and read it locally on their own machines.
To do this, the FidoNet addressing scheme was extended with the addition of a final address segment, the point number. For instance, a user on the example system above might be given point number 10, and thus could be sent mail at the address 1:170/918.10.
In real-world use, points are fairly difficult to set up. The FidoNet software typically consisted of a number of small utility programs run by manually-adjusted scripts. Reading and editing the mail required either a "sysop editor" or a BBS be run locally.
In North America (Zone 1) points were used only briefly, and even then only to a limited degree. Dedicated offline mail reader programs such as Blue Wave, Squiggyand Silver Xpress (OPX) were introduced in the mid 1990s,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] and quickly rendered the point system obsolete. Many of these packages supported the QWK offline mail standard.
In other parts of the world, especially Europe, this was different. Contrary to North America where local calls usually are free, in Europe local calls are mostly metered and so there was an incentive to keep the duration of the calls as short as possible. Point software employs standard compression (ZIP, ARJ etc.) and so keeps the calls down to a few minutes a day at most.
In Europe (Zone 2) pointing became very popular. Many regions distribute a pointlist in parallel with the nodelist. The pointlist segments are maintained by Net- and Region Pointlist Keepers and the Zone Point List Keeper assembles them into the Zone pointlist.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] At the peak of FidoNet there were over 120,000 points listed in the Z2 pointlist. Listing points is on a voluntary basis and not every point is listed, so how many points there really were is anybody's guess. As of June 2006,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are still some 50,000 listed points. Most of them are in Russia and Ukraine.

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